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This interactive map highlights sustainable school ground and environmental literacy practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. It provides an opportunity to share efforts, find resources, and examine the extent and impact of sustainable schools on environmental health and literacy. All schools in MD, VA, WV, PA, NY and DE promoting sustainable practices are encouraged to add and regularly update their school information. See the Help section for guidance on entering your data.

This resource was developed by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Laboratory in collaboration with National Geographic, Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education, NOAA-BWET, Chesapeake Bay Trust and other regional partners. It is supported with funding from the NOAA-BWET program.

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All MAEOE Green Schools are required to enter their sustainable practices data into this FieldScope map. Participate in one of the final webinars to learn how to do this (see Upcoming Events section above for details).


Entering your school data for the first time this school year? Then you will start a new record.

Completing or editing school data entry that you already started? Then, select your current record and add more/edit data as needed. See the Data tab under the Help section for more information.

Did you miss the FieldScope Google Hangout? Visit our YouTube channel here to get a re-cap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8BIo81xTZM